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Rotary challenge – Stop Glacier Retreat!

The Rotary Club of Morimondo Abbazia challenges people to reduce their carbon footprint and sign the climate pledge now.

All Alpine glaciers will continue to decrease over the next few decades due to global warming, with 92% of them at risk of disappearing by the end of this century. This ice loss will have major impacts on Europe’s water resource security and management, landscape, and economy, including threatening the region’s agricultural sector, tourism, and hydroelectricity. Despite the massive ice loss, we do still have time to save the glaciers from their predicted disappearance, but we have to act now. Sign the climate pledge now and start reducing your own carbon footprint.

I Promise

to do my best to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by me and to cut my personal climate footprint by half within ten years or faster.

To Achieve

the target, I will pay attention to the climate footprint of my energy use, travelling, eating and consumption habits, electronic devices and household appliances as well as my financial savings. I will make low-carbon choices wherever possible.

I Pledge

to consider addressing my unavoidable climate footprint by offsetting emissions which I cannot reduce, to become climate neutral now.

I Will Share

my experiences in making cleaner choices with my family, friends and colleagues and encourage them to sign the pledge, too.

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